The Order : if you liked Vampire Diaries and The Magicians, you’ll love the new series of Netflix

Netflix has just added to its catalog the season 1 of The Order, fantasy series that mixes the universe of the Vampire Diaries and The Magicians. What is it about ? Jack Morton, a new student at the University, joined a secret society, a legendary known as the Order. It is then plunged into a world of magic, monsters and intrigue. If you liked the universe of The Magicians With his latest production to date, Netflix offers a program calibrated to its audience “young adults”. The Order deck effect in the different stories and mythologies to build a fantastic universe populated by wizards, werewolves and other mystical creatures. If a lot of series have addressed the same topic recently, The Order can be compared in tone to The Magicians. This series Syfy, presented at the time as a Harry Potter version that is mature, follows the journey of a new student at Brakebills, a school, a secret which shape the future magicians. The two series share the same characteristics : a dark tone, dark humor assumed (for this, we must go beyond the first episode for The Order) and a side sometimes kitsch. The new production Netflix wants to be more adult than a Teen Wolf or Vampire Diaries (in the first seasons at least) by placing its action to the university. If the magic is still barely present at the beginning of the series, the mythology grows over the episodes. Netflix If you liked Vampire Diaries and his gallery of fantastic creatures, the Vampire Diaries, ” the series that made the heyday of the CW, takes place in the city of Mystics Falls that mixes vampires, witches, and some werewolves. If the series developed its own mythology around the blood-sucking, wolf-beasts and wizards, the heart of the Vampire Diaries remains the family stories : that of Elena, the heroine played by Nina Dobrev, but also that of the brothers Salvatore (Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder). The series has shown us during his eight seasons, and how their history is linked. The Order also goes to this premise : we know that the hero tries to infiltrate a secret society to avenge her father, who seems to be responsible for the death of his mother. His grandfather is even the initiative of this plan. He seems to know a lot about the secret society of the Blue Rose, which recruits students after having made to pass various tests. There is no doubt that the history of this secret group is intimately linked to that of the family Morton. Only remains to follow the investigation to the sides of Jack (Jake Manley). Capture d'screen Finally, as suggested by the trailer (review above), the series is going to develop a plot of love between Jack and Alyssa, a witch, and seasoned. Even if it is not likely to be as exciting as the triangle of Elena/Damon/Stefan, she should still be at the heart of the plot. The other members of the society of the Blue Rose will likely see a wrong to be this romance between their friend and the hellion (Jack has a tendency to attract trouble).

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